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Historic heritage

with a modern approach

The earliest written reference to Prusim dates back to 1386. The Prusimski family ruled in Prusim the longest.

From damily to family

In 1788 Prusim became the property of the Wilkoński family, representative of the Polish nobility. In 1790 Prusim was purchased by general Robert Taylor, whose grandson was awarded the Virtutti Militari order. In 1840 Prusim was acquired by von Reich family and at that time became part of the same estate as Rozbitek, which was purchased by them before (at present this property is owned by Oscar winner - Jan AP Kaczmarek).

A form maintained

after renovation

What is important, the buildings of Olandia after renovation resemble the form which they acquired in the 19th century – at the time when Prusim was owned by the von Reich family. Von Reichs managed this property until the end of the Second World War.

Post-war stories

After the war it was nationalised and in 2004 the post-farm complex in Prusim was returned to its private owners. The coat of arms placed above the main entrance to the Manor House is the coat of arms of the Von Reich family. Construction works connected with the restoration of the manor began in July 2009 and it was opened on 30 July 2010.

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