24 jan’22
25 jan’22

Green Energy

in Olandia

Established in 2016, EkOlandia project aims to reduce a negative impact of the hotel industry on the natural environment by the use of renewable energy sources.


Tourism, just like other branches of economy, emits substances harmful for the environment through its activity. Beautiful surroundings and a desire to maintain it in a perfect condition gave an idea to create a local centre of ecology and healthy lifestyle in Olandia.

EkOlandia is a project developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, which provides financing for pro-ecological activities – construction of an installation for generation of energy from renewable sources.

The following elements have been installed as a part of the investment:

  • photovoltaic installation of power of up to 40 kW,
  • 3 turbines with vertical rotation axis,
  • biomass boiler,
  • a carport with electric cars charger – Olandia is the first hotel in Poland that offers its guests to charge their cars using energy drawn from the Sun.

Additionally to the aforementioned installation, we attempt to live an ecological lifestyle and encourage others to support the Mother Earth. Other ecological elements of Olandia include:

  • a green roof covering a Friesian Barn – mosses and sedum,
  • waste segregation,
  • aerators in faucets that limit water consumption,
  • ecological workshops for children,
  • ecological conferences,
  • Olenderskie Smaki products brand,
  • use of ecological paper bags,
  • change of bedding and towels upon Guest’s request.

Join us and protect the planet!


For more information regarding EkOlandia project see the page dedicated to ecological projects. Visit the website and read about our efforts for the environment.

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