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25 jan’22
2 ball rooms
Wedding planner
Lake view
60 rooms
100 places
Perfect menu

Wedding and wedding reception

We make dreams come true

Olandia and its surroundings is a fabulous space for organising one of the most important days in your life together.

Wedding and wedding reception day is one the most important day in life

We have prepared a wedding offer, which takes into account all the essential aspects: a tasty menu, a beautiful hall, accommodations and many more propositions that will make this day special. We want this day to be remembered by you and your guests for many, many years to come.


Tailored to your needs

We will comprehensively organise your reception. We will prepare a wonderful menu, decorate the hall, provide professional photographies, perfect service and an exceptional room for the Wedding Night.

Our Guest are the most important

A wedding is one of those occasions that are planned since childhood. This is when plans and dreams for this day are born. We will be pleased to organise your celebration, taking into account all those, even the most secret, dreams.

Two ball rooms

The Tulip hall with a terrace and a view of the park and lake of 110 m2 surface and the Friesian hall of 330 m2 surface with a glass dome which provides a view of the lake.

Outdoor wedding

You dream of an outdoor wedding at a shore of a lake or at the beach? We provide you with the possibility to experience this wonderful and joyful moment in the open air, in a natural and lush green scenery.

Perfect menu

tailored to your needs

Preparation of a wedding menu is one of the toughest decisions you must take when organising a wedding reception. We can help you compose a perfect menu.

Various propositions

We have prepared various menu propositions for you. You may also create a special menu, composed based on your suggestions. Moreover, we encourage you to use our Winery, which is supplied with wines from all over the world.

Additional benefits:

  • Accommodation for the Newly-wed in the Wine Apartment,
  • Discounts for rooms with breakfasts for the wedding Guests,
  • Free parking lot for the wedding Guests,
  • Professional service and fabulous surroundings.

Contact with out wedding planner.



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